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Messenger Ink and Lewis Communications partnered together to create a live interactive social media magazine for millennials in the Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment industries. Our focus was on the 18-40 demographic that in Kansas City is 727,939 residents strong! That’s 37% of the market in Kansas City.

How to bring this market to a new platform that focused on Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment, in an already saturated marketplace. Also how to use digital influencers to grow the brand and spread information about Club Release and the market itself.


Discovery & Strategy
Creative Production

“Welcome to a world of innovative millennials, the Fame Market, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Digital influencers, Live interactive events, aspiration and the investment into the millennial market. The brand pillars fell under the guides of: Strength, Freedom, Aspiration, Grit, and Knowledge. Our market approach for this millennial group of self-starters who had different backgrounds, different walks of life and various passions for life. We decided to identify the brand with a crest, that would embody the inspired attitude of this market, Freedom, Strength, and Aspiration. Attached with the imagery was the font, Avant Garde to promote Freedom and Strength.

Digital Influencers and Live Events: We strategically partnered with influencers who were leaders of their industry. We not only utilized their services but also made them apart of our Live Interactive Events. If the market is reflected in a positive aspirational way, then there will be room for exponential growth.

The Print and digital collateral material reflected the look and feel of the brand. The connection between the brand and the audience was crucial. This was our three-prong strategy: industry leaders, communication on digital platforms, Live interactive events and the result of that cross-platform language grew the audience of Club Release, in a 6-month timeline.

Creativity Collaboration Community
Expanding our global community through a shared value exchange, while redefining American Culture in the creative economy.

Our F.A.M.E. Marketing(Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment) approach to connecting businesses to creatives to a shared community through live interactive events.

Launching of the idea, a platform for all, digital, print and live interactive events. Taking American Dreams and sharing them on a global stage.

Our live interactive events and social media set the stage for this market to connect and share goals. Each one of our events was themed, such as Pink and Black Ball (Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness), Winter Fantasy, Cover Shoot Party and Heat. Social Media was a major component of our marketing approach, not just taking advantage of the technology but the use of influencer marketing skyrocketed our Brand. Influencers were not only apart of the advertising but the events themselves. Influencer marketing: (also influence marketing) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole.


Club Release became the #1 social media company in the region with 50,000 visitors a month to the website, averaging 65 clicks per visit. An average of 2000 people attended Club Release interactive events. Club release also garnered 36% market share. Companies who sponsored saw at least a 7% return on investments.


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